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Mediflexible Bt.

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Kraje zatrudnienia:
Niemcy, Dania, Wielka Brytania, Szwecja

Miejscowość: 7761 Kozármisleny
Jácint u. 36.
Keller J. u. 8.

Numer telefonu +36 303508459



O nas

mediFLEXible Personnel Counselling and Administrating Company was founded in June 2007. Since that time we have proved our trustworthiness to our clients.

The main profile of our enterprise is to provide the highest level of professionalism to approach our clients to the right candidates, find the most suitable applicant for the client. For such purpose we offer our service: pre-screening of candidates.

We are recruiting doctors and medical staff for Sweden and the UK, but also for any other countries where our doctors needed.

We are opened to co-operate with any other member states of the European Union.